September 2015 – Suspended

Suspended (2015) by Pia Cruzalegui. Site specific performance, experimental sounds, video installation.

Suspended points to the liminal space in which art and life exists: the affect of life events in art making and what art making means to the artist. Suspended is an overarching artistic gesture and an expression of my perception to the randomness experienced consciously and subconsciously.

From concept to presentation, Suspended aims to connect and bridge different mediums of expression: a strings quartet, time-based media through performance and video art, and experimental sounds through an an arrangement created by Christopher Preissing, a sound professional I initially invited to participate with me.

Suspended is registered in the Library of Congress. Any iteration, presentation, duplicity or re-enactment of the work must be approved by Pia Cruzalegui.

—- o —-

A little history:

2015 – After a previous collaboration and opening the doors of my studio and exhibition space at the ZBAC, I invited Mr. Christopher Preissing to participate with Suspended. I thought his background in music arrangement is what I needed for the work to come true.  Since I was new to Chicago he offered to bring the performers on board, the Chantereusse strings trio, Preissing insisted in adding Deidre Harrison to participate. Her collaboration was important as well, though unnecessary. And lastly, thanks to his knowledge and acquisition of grants, the furnishings were made possible. As a result his participation turned into a collaborative. One were the concept and art derived directly from my vision, the many years of planning and documenting this work and my negotiations with the owners and director of exhibitions of the art center to allocated a space in the main gallery to show the work.

The opening took place at during September 2015’s Third Friday at Zhou B Art Center with an amazing performance by Hanna Brock, Lia Kohl, Stacia Spencer. This event was possible thanks to Michael Zhou, Donna Bliss and Sergio Gomez of the Zhou B Art Center for facilitating the space and assisting with logistics and marketing.

2016 – Christopher Preissing and Deidre Harrison decide it is a good idea to take my work and show it without my approval or acknowledging that it is my creation. As a result this initiated a legal documentation leading to its registration in the Library of Congress.

So far, this work has been shown with my consent at: Bridgeport Art Center on November 6, 2015, and WITHOUT my consent at the Harold Washington Library under a false pretense that C. Preissing created with the backing of Deidre Harrison.

Interested in showing this installation? Please contact Pia Cruzalegui at 305-761-8921

Copyright 2015-2018 Pia Cruzalegui. All rights reserved.

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IN PREPARATION OF SHOW: Rehearsal and testing installation

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