KA Projects at Aqua Art Miami 2019

November 2019 – When I first started to organize this event, I had no idea who would partner up with me and my KA Projects. I placed a call for entries and I knew some of the artists, but little prepared me for some of the conversations I had during studio visits with some of the artists.. I mean, real talk, woman-to-woman. Yes, studio visits became a moment that solidified this sisterhood, reclaiming who we are, where we have been and where we stand today. Yes, we talked about our practices but we looked deeper into our world, present day concerns, our backgrounds, and personal and family histories. The visits became a space for a dynamic conversation to vet our inner thoughts and break away from present day tensions. As a result, I have been moved by the stories told, the artists’ sensitivities and desire to seek a voice through their works.
Take for example the work of Claudia Caffarena , “Mujer de Poder” a work that speaks to contemporary Latin American themes of femininity, issues of ancestral identity and new realities, reconnecting pre-incan past to a contemporary creole culture. Or Maja Bosen’s, “Scorched Earth,” a response to the devastating fires that have been and continue to blanket our planet, and most recently the destructive fires in Siberia and Brazil’s Amazon Forest, or Rashelle Roos’ work “Shiny Objects” exploring desire, consumption and gender, and claiming womanhood. We also have Lori Cuisinier’s multimedia work, “Bound #2a,” a photography and sound artwork examining issues of gender and associated power (or lack thereof) within a historical context and Christybomb’s work, “Chemical Romance” pressing on the culture of consumerism.
All of these works amalgamate issues pressing our society and the rippling effects in the global community. Every work represents the paradigm in which we find ourselves and we use our art practices to express concern but also optimism. And at the core lies womanhood: mothers, daughters,  sisters, activists, all of us rebelling through our works! We are all together in “this” (be it life, be it womanhood, be it our world) and we stand by each other in camaraderie for love, peace and unity.
Personally, I am proud and excited to present the works by female artists working with photography, sound, video, mixed media, painting and sculpture.
Below a small sample of what’s to come to Miami:
“Mujer de Poder”
Claudia Caffarena
Ceramics and steel installation
“Scorched Earth”
Maja Bosen
Encaustic, pigment, wood
“Shiny Objects”
Rashelle Roos
Stilettos and other found objects, pantyhose, resin, paint
“Bound 2a”
Lori Cuisinier
UV pigment on aluminum,  78″ x 37″-, Edition of three (plus 2 AP)
Bound _Lori Cuisinier.jpg
“Chemical Romance”
image0 (1).jpeg

Rachael Zur, Gray Johnson Art, Susan Krueger-Barber, Galina Schevchenko, Janice Marin, Lori Cusinier, Diana Leviton Gondek, Sally Ko, ChristyBomb, Diane Ponder, Faun Manne,  Rashelle Roos, Maja Bosen,  Claudia Caffarena

Curated by: Pia Cruzalegui

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