About K¡net!c Art Projects


Note from Pía Cruzalegui

June 2018

K¡net!c Art Projects comes to light from a desire to connect artists with the art world and the community. Initially this platform served to document the works exhibited during the two year period of my residency at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago (2014-2016).

The New Media and Performance Art Room was a multipurpose space annexed to my studio, which I reinterpreted every Third Friday for art walk. I invited artists, collaborated with others and showcased a number of time-based media exhibitions.

The reinterpreted space accentuate the dynamism and speed of the art center while the works presented, performance, sound and video installations, created an environment of unprecedented interest and reciprocity with the artist community and the general public. The monthly projects added a new kind of energy signifying the progress of art  to the monthly Zhou B Third Friday program.

The residency distilled not only Kinetic Art Projects, but also Twisted Oyster Film and New Media Festival, which celebrates its 4th edition this year, and UnLock Hause, an eclectic space utilizing a domestic staging for curating artworks outside of a gallery. Twisted Oyster is a theme based festival and a unique event, where I curate film and time-based media works. UnLock Hause proposes an enticing conversation in an intimate setting driving audience, art works and artists to closer observation.

As an artist and independent curator interested in the intersections of art, film, society and science, I continue to learn from the intimate dialogues with my peers, friends, family and other professionals. Those conversations give me impetus to continue to create the spaces for diverse cultural exchange, create new exhibitions, meet creators and experts, and bring the conversations forward to the rest of the community. It is my desire to serve as a link between art practice and society. And personally, it is my way to pay forward.

This year’s Twisted Oyster joined several other incredible projects under Fractured Atlas’ fiscal sponsorship program. This alliance provides administrative flexibility and permits the festival to fundraise in order to fulfill the expansion of its program. This year, for example, the festival will host its second outreach event inviting young students from Harold Washington College to a cultural exchange with a professional artist and filmmaker, Snow Xung Feng. The festival will also host a public dialogue open to the public for a presentation by an environmental expert from University of Chicago.

Moving forward, I am working on three future projects, Aqua Miami Art Fair, and shows in Greece and Italy:

  • Twisted Oyster’s Vital Signs has been selected to exhibit at the Ionion Center for the Arts in Kefalonia, Greece. 
  • The first experimental public art show of Vital Signs will take place the summer of 2019 in Tuscany.
  • On December 4 – 8, 2019  KA Projects opens its showroom at Aqua Art in Miami Beach during Art Week Miami (aka Art Basel week), featuring works by artists from New York, California, the Midwest and South America working in various mediums including installations and digital works. To learn more about this opportunity, please click here.

Finally, I take this moment to express my gratitude to everyone who has joined me at different intervals of this personally triumphant and enriching journey. I have learned so much from staying open-minded and from candid discussions, straightforward bluntness and frank people. It has been these conversations, discussions and the hurdles that have demonstrated valuable in my personal and professional growth. I have learned many lessons along the way and I am sure I’ll have many more lessons ahead. I am proud of how far I have come in my artistic and curatorial practice and I look forward all future projects organized for the betterment of my art community.


PC_rubrica copy (Pia_s MacBook Pro's conflicted copy 2015-01-24)

Kinetic Art Projects Values ​​& Vision

Kinetic Art Projects is committed to supporting an ongoing intellectual dialogue with young and professional visual artists, filmmakers and other professionals. Art is more than decoration or an investment, and film is more than a story. Art and film, are languages that can unpack issues in ways that can integrate, connect and cross-pollinate diverse societies and cultures, and Kinetic Art Projects stands by creative minds of every ethnicity, gender, nationality and creed to communicate our desire for inclusion, understanding, diversity and peace.

Pia Cruzalegui, MFA
Founder – Director


(updated May 2020)

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